30 before 30. Part un.

I have so many things swirling around in my head these days and i still haven’t even really come up with a solid “theme” for this most likely ill-fated blog. Then I am stuck pondering labels and thoughts of how in fact i might have to define myself  in order to be a proper “blogger” though i am sure at this point no one is really reading. Also. I really suck at keeping promises to myself. No photos lately. There’s really not much you can do with a crappy cell phone camera any how. Maybe by this time next year i’ll be able to afford something decent…

So for now, this’ll have to do. (30 before 30 list? why not. Have i mentioned i suck at keeping promises? Also, maybe 70% of my goals are food related. I think i have a problem..)

1. finish my sleeve.or both of them, what ever.
2. Hop on a subway train with no idea where i am going.
3. Learn how to make beer. even if it’s with those silly $50 kits you buy from Williams Sonoma
4. Be a part of something* bigger.
5. Sell something that i made
. 6. Visit as many museums and galleries as possible within a 300ish mile radius
7. Eat my way through Quincy market. I’m pretty much completely motivated by food..
8.Throw  a really extravagant party.
9. Piggy-backing on #8, make a really bad-ass halloween costume and wear it somewhere fabulous.
10. Learn how to bake. Like reallllly learn. and get good at it. I can pretty much look at a picture of a recipe on say Pinterest for example and recreate it without actually reading the ingredients.. but baking is another story. I can make you banana bread and that’s about it.
11. Volunteer. and not just for 1 day. (see also #4.)
12. Ireland.
13. Go to a game. I don’t really care which game. As long as there is tailgating.
14. Go to the jack o’ lantern festival at roger williams park zoo
15.  See the dropkick murphys in Boston.
16. Enter (and hopefully win) a chili cookoff.
17-30…to be continued…

okay, i lied. I can’t help myself.



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