Parenthood is not a sacrifice.

(my somewhat rebuttle to this on freshly pressed this week)
Okay, Okay. Put down your pitch forks. Yes. I know I sound like a terrible mother. BUT. Hear me out.

Parenthood in all it’s diaper, drool and daycare glory is not a sacrifice. At least not the way i see it. Often times these days I notice everyone going on about how much sacrificing they are doing in the sake of their children .
First of all, I really hate that word. It sounds so ridiculously negative.  Especially in the context of your children.  Calm down, lest ye succumb to martyrdom.  I commend you for putting down the Jack and cokes and trading up for saturday nights at home with little baby drool monster and maybe putting that brand shiny new pair of  what evers on hold so you can buy your kid a toy but WHY is that sacrifice?  (I’ll keep saying it)  You Sound Like a Negative Nancy.

“You lose a part of yourself”
I would like to take a different view. I’d like to think that not only did i not lose pieces of myself, but i gained so much more. More than I ever thought possible. Sure, things are different. Weekends are a lot more mellow, but that doesn’t mean part of me some how mystically disappeared. I’m still here, learning, growing, and changing as a human being every day. What i did before didn’t define me. It was just things i did.

I challenge everyone out there to not only keep themselves intact, but also to continue to evolve as a person upon bringing a little crib dweller into this world , If not only for yourself, but for the teeny tiny little human you just created who looks up to you.

I shall step off my soap box now. Thank you and good night.


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