What your outfit says about your day..

As a new mom, yoga pants, sweats (and because it’s winter) big fluffy socks are absolute wardrobe essentials. Let’s face it every one has that “level” of outfit. Here’s what your outfit says about your day..

Outfit 1: (The Motivator) Jeans or leggings of some kind. Paired with a nice layered tank and cute top.  Something you’d actually be able to be seen in public in. Hair’s done, and if you’re feeling sassy, you might even put on some foundation and lipgloss. Some kind of healthy blended beverage in a to-go cup. Today is your bitch.


Outfit 2: (The yoganator) Full on yoga outfit. And it’s clean. Big ol’ mug of hot delicious beverage. Huzzah! things will probably get done today. Say goodbye to that giant stack of laundry thats probably harboring a fugitive! (And if you’re like..totally motivated, you might actually do some yoga..)


Outfit 3. (The “It’s probably Wednesday”) Yoga pants. Decent shirt that is probably clean.. Or almost clean. Black coffee.. hair tied. It’s possible things might get done today. Maybe a work out video.. maybe not. Who knows. I might even go crazy and put on a bra.


Outfit 4 (“F#$% it”)  Sweats. cause all the yoga pants are dirty, most likely covered in a delicious combo of baby drool, last night’s dinner, and shame. T.v playing something along the lines of Let’s Make a Deal or Price is Right. The baby is probably still in pajamas. (pff, zippers.)  double fisting coffee. Or, if you’re really serious, wine.
It’s 5:00 somewhere. But even if it isn’t. Who cares. Is today over yet?


What number are you on?
Today’s a combo of #2 and #4.


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