chianti and cara-mocha-nut.

Okay, so i’m a little late on the weekend post, but oh well.

this weekend was a little boring and there weren’t any magical culinary creations but sometimes you just need to sit back, grab a couple snacks and forget about cooking for a while.

Friday was low key. popped open a bottle of chianti, hubs did some project for work online, while i played with the baby and then Super Mario Galaxy for wii. This shit’s glamorous


Saturday morning we went out to breakfast as per tradition. Disappointed in the diner we tred, we’ll definitely be going back to our usual next weekend, oh well. They can’t all be winners. We wandered around the other end of town for a bit checking out a few kitchy little shops and antique stores. We even  stopped in a cute little coffee shop before heading home.
I think we’re secretly an old retitred couple…

Cara-mocha-nut latte. He’s a little fancy.


Poor puppy wanted to go out and play. Just waiting for this bitter cold to be over. Soon enough, pup. soon enough.


Sunday on our way to go grocery shopping we stopped at good will to drop off some odds and ends, and because it was sunday there was a heap of things waiting to be picked up outside monday morning. Scored stole this lovely gem in almost perfect condition for B’s room. It’s a little plain but it’ll be my next project to take it from boring to beautiful. Can’t wait. Any ideas?


 Sunday dinner was no frills and low key as well.. More wine. Some Killians Irish Red and a cheese plate. I could eat like the every day, I swear. We sat around organizing the bins upon bins of baby clothes and even cleaned a little, so damn glamorous.

Clearly all this excitement was just too much for them to handle. Tucked out and ready for bed.

love them.


Hopefully some more exciting things are on the horizon..


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