Humpday confessions!


Imagetoday I am linking up with Kathy from Vodka and Soda . fantastic blog. check it out.

//1 Okay my first little confession is going to come across as me being a snarky heinous bitch. but. that’s just how it goes. 
But really.( I’ve seen alot of this lately..) I love watching my preggo acquaintances/friends go on an on about how “as soon as i have this baby”  yadda yadda yadda. Guess what! NOT GONNA HAPPEN. You can kid yourself allllll you want about “losing 60lbs in 4 months” or running that 5k 3-4 months after popping it out.. but seriously chica? the only thing you’re going to be focused on is that kid. Knock that shit off, you’re making the rest of us look bad.
This is where i pat myself on the back for having realistic expectations, and not pushing myself to do something rediculous. 

//2. I could give a shit less about valenties day.  Your stupid heart themed breakfast pics, your pink and red god damn EVERYWHERE.. Seriously. I’m over it. Is it Halloween yet?

3// I’ve had my tax return money ear marked for months now on a new wardrobe, salon day, and just plain day of fun.. I hate that i’m going to have to be responsible with like 99% of what we get back, and not blow it on rediculous shit like a Yankee Candle shopping blow out or bejeweled underwear.. Also. my liquor cabinet could really use some revamping..



  thats it for now.. but maybe later this week i’ll get around to posting all those other posts that have been in the “draft” stage for weeks. Did i mention i am a HUGE procrastinator!?


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