Okay! Hello again to everyone out the in blog-land. My apologies. Blogging’s a little slow this week. It’s been a little hectic around here,  trying to stay active (at least mentally) while i am STILL housebound during the onslaught of all this white stuff. ick. Aaaanywho. This week we have solidified plans for a family gathering in March. My mother-in-law, Grandmother-in-law and Step daughter are all going to be cramming into our tiny little New england apartment for 5 (count em) FIVE whole days. Yep. that’s FOUR grown adults, 2 wee-ones in a small two bedroom. This. Could. Get. Interesting.

And deeeennnn.. My mom comes out in April for my Grandfather’s 90th! She will be here only for a few days, but it’s going to be a lot of back to back family time. Whew!

I’m still trying to get up the guts to post pictures of my Befores, and take you all on this post-baby weight loss journey. okay okay, i’m putting it out there, i’m still extremely self conscious. But i’m coming along and doing what i can. a bit at a time. I’ve seen so many inspiring ladies go through their transformations, and damnit i wanna be a part of it.

This blog is still under construction. I’m always trying to work out the kinks, get the creases out and solidify my tiny little corner of the blogosphere. This shiz is HARD.


This week I have also tried to get my facebook page up and running based on the app SmileMOM. Just a quick way for other ladies to talk and share and get to know one another. Blogging. is. exhausting.

It’s also Wednesday.. SO you know what that means..
Hump along with kathy at  Vodka and Soda!

I will confess..
-I don’t like Walking Dead. Or Game of Thrones. Or Breaking Bad. THERE. i said it. I’m sorry. i just don’t get the obsession. So sue .me 😉
-I’m feeling a little braindead lately. Part of me just wants to lock myself in a library and re-boot. but that would be crazy and rediculous.
-I REALLY SUCK at following a work out regimine. I break promises to myself all the time. Since it’s so cold (and i have an infant) Ive been trying to do yoga/pilates(blolgilates) but shit.. I just can’t keep my shit together. wah.


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  1. what the …. what? you don’t like walking dead or game of thrones or breaking bad??? everyone is crying a little for reading that. just kidding.

    post those before/afters when you feel right. it’s not easy putting yourself out there!

    thanks for linking up!

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