Friday Randomness.

Happy Friday everyone! I might have been a bit too quick to judge mother nature on that last post. There is a sign of a thaw coming. I can see it.. Those of you in the greater Springfield area might have even noticed a bit of gidiness in Nick Morganelli’s voice as he announced this might be end of the arctic chill. All I can think about is tiny little flower buds on trees, farmers markets, pastel colors, and windows WIDE open clearing out the stuffiness of months passed. I’m so excited I can almost taste the Benedryl.

It’s time to switch from Merlot to Sauvignon Blanc. Soon i’ll be busting out the flip flops and charcoal grill, and strapping on the running shoes and breathing in some fresh air. ahhhhhh


I have discovered the best gingerale on the planet. It’s amazing. Anyone that knows me, knows I am really not a soda drinker. Never have been.. If i am going to indulge, it’s going to be a really good quality cream soda, root beer, or gingerale..( or a Sprite from the fountain if i’m hungover.shhhh)This stuff is awesome. They come in small 7oz bottles and have no icky ingredients. Just spring water, cane sugar and real ginger. yum. I wish i had found this stuff while I was pregnant because i was so completely addicted to everything ginger.

Image (can you tell i’ve been having a bit too much fun with my Galaxy Note3?)

//Tomorrow I have an appointment to get my hair done. Normally this would be no big deal but it’s also the first time that i’ll be spending any amount of time away from the mini-me in the entire four and a half months since she’s been born. Baby steps.
Then we’re going out all together and mommy’s going shopping for a much needed wardrobe update. Everything i own currently is some shade of black or brown, i need to add some color and lose the sweats. fuck the winter. i’m over it.

maybe something like this.

Happy weekend. How ready are you for this season to be O-V-E-R?!


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