What your outfit says about your day..

As a new mom, yoga pants, sweats (and because it’s winter) big fluffy socks are absolute wardrobe essentials. Let’s face it every one has that “level” of outfit. Here’s what your outfit says about your day..

Outfit 1: (The Motivator) Jeans or leggings of some kind. Paired with a nice layered tank and cute top.  Something you’d actually be able to be seen in public in. Hair’s done, and if you’re feeling sassy, you might even put on some foundation and lipgloss. Some kind of healthy blended beverage in a to-go cup. Today is your bitch.


Outfit 2: (The yoganator) Full on yoga outfit. And it’s clean. Big ol’ mug of hot delicious beverage. Huzzah! things will probably get done today. Say goodbye to that giant stack of laundry thats probably harboring a fugitive! (And if you’re like..totally motivated, you might actually do some yoga..)


Outfit 3. (The “It’s probably Wednesday”) Yoga pants. Decent shirt that is probably clean.. Or almost clean. Black coffee.. hair tied. It’s possible things might get done today. Maybe a work out video.. maybe not. Who knows. I might even go crazy and put on a bra.


Outfit 4 (“F#$% it”)  Sweats. cause all the yoga pants are dirty, most likely covered in a delicious combo of baby drool, last night’s dinner, and shame. T.v playing something along the lines of Let’s Make a Deal or Price is Right. The baby is probably still in pajamas. (pff, zippers.)  double fisting coffee. Or, if you’re really serious, wine.
It’s 5:00 somewhere. But even if it isn’t. Who cares. Is today over yet?


What number are you on?
Today’s a combo of #2 and #4.



Need to get back on a healthy kick after a weekend of too many IPA’s and greasy chinese food.
For breakfast, a 2 egg spinach and tomato omelette with extra sriratcha sauce. not pictured because it came out an overcooked over-browned mess after leaving it on the stove too long while attending to a screaming infant. It looked terrible. tasted pretty damn good. Sriratcha fixes all.

& for lunch more black coffee. raw broccoli with ginger-sesame dressing, blood orange, kashi whole grain crackers, and fat free cottage cheese.

Now off to plan dinner.. I think we’re having “some-kind-of-chicken again”

Parenthood is not a sacrifice.

(my somewhat rebuttle to this on freshly pressed this week)
Okay, Okay. Put down your pitch forks. Yes. I know I sound like a terrible mother. BUT. Hear me out.

Parenthood in all it’s diaper, drool and daycare glory is not a sacrifice. At least not the way i see it. Often times these days I notice everyone going on about how much sacrificing they are doing in the sake of their children .
First of all, I really hate that word. It sounds so ridiculously negative.  Especially in the context of your children.  Calm down, lest ye succumb to martyrdom.  I commend you for putting down the Jack and cokes and trading up for saturday nights at home with little baby drool monster and maybe putting that brand shiny new pair of  what evers on hold so you can buy your kid a toy but WHY is that sacrifice?  (I’ll keep saying it)  You Sound Like a Negative Nancy.

“You lose a part of yourself”
I would like to take a different view. I’d like to think that not only did i not lose pieces of myself, but i gained so much more. More than I ever thought possible. Sure, things are different. Weekends are a lot more mellow, but that doesn’t mean part of me some how mystically disappeared. I’m still here, learning, growing, and changing as a human being every day. What i did before didn’t define me. It was just things i did.

I challenge everyone out there to not only keep themselves intact, but also to continue to evolve as a person upon bringing a little crib dweller into this world , If not only for yourself, but for the teeny tiny little human you just created who looks up to you.

I shall step off my soap box now. Thank you and good night.

30 before 30. Part un.

I have so many things swirling around in my head these days and i still haven’t even really come up with a solid “theme” for this most likely ill-fated blog. Then I am stuck pondering labels and thoughts of how in fact i might have to define myself  in order to be a proper “blogger” though i am sure at this point no one is really reading. Also. I really suck at keeping promises to myself. No photos lately. There’s really not much you can do with a crappy cell phone camera any how. Maybe by this time next year i’ll be able to afford something decent…

So for now, this’ll have to do. (30 before 30 list? why not. Have i mentioned i suck at keeping promises? Also, maybe 70% of my goals are food related. I think i have a problem..)

1. finish my sleeve.or both of them, what ever.
2. Hop on a subway train with no idea where i am going.
3. Learn how to make beer. even if it’s with those silly $50 kits you buy from Williams Sonoma
4. Be a part of something* bigger.
5. Sell something that i made
. 6. Visit as many museums and galleries as possible within a 300ish mile radius
7. Eat my way through Quincy market. I’m pretty much completely motivated by food..
8.Throw  a really extravagant party.
9. Piggy-backing on #8, make a really bad-ass halloween costume and wear it somewhere fabulous.
10. Learn how to bake. Like reallllly learn. and get good at it. I can pretty much look at a picture of a recipe on say Pinterest for example and recreate it without actually reading the ingredients.. but baking is another story. I can make you banana bread and that’s about it.
11. Volunteer. and not just for 1 day. (see also #4.)
12. Ireland.
13. Go to a game. I don’t really care which game. As long as there is tailgating.
14. Go to the jack o’ lantern festival at roger williams park zoo
15.  See the dropkick murphys in Boston.
16. Enter (and hopefully win) a chili cookoff.
17-30…to be continued…

okay, i lied. I can’t help myself.


Every place i’ve started over, every different town, admittedly there’s a bit of initial lonliness. This time proving to be a little different than the others. Trying to adjust to a new year, a new home, a new body all while assuming a new identity as a new mom.
 Sometimes i really can’t even fathom how i got here; can’t picture the exact moment that lead me down this road. I’m not unhappy. I’m not ungreatful. Just in disbelief. 
This time last year was so vastly different.

We began the year pulling ourselves from the wreckage of a near fatal accident that shook me so deeply, so completely to the core. Nearly losing the one person in the world that I could never live with out. Inches from losing everything. It scared me.  Coming face to face with your own mortality can really change the way you look at the world and evaluate just how quickly you need to change your life.  We shouldn’t be here. But yet we are. 

And then not so shortly after came you. A life altering shift in every single sense of the word. 
This is what i dreamed of. This is what imagined for so long.
It is nothing, and everything all at the same time. You saved me. Honestly and truely. You are my fantastic reason for change. 

This time last year you were a just an idea. It feels like just weeks ago we were announcing the pregnancy and trying to figure out what it meant ourselves. What a difference a whole damn year can make. 

Now this year, sprawled infront of me–is a year of firsts. A year of getting to know myself again, to learn to love every mark and scar. A year of getting to know you.. And that’s really all i could ask for. 



This weekend was spent inside being lazy. Lots of cooking and snuggling on the couch.
Saturday was crockpot chipotle chicken enchiladas and few sam adam’s curled up watching HBO. And being totally awesome with our matching mismatched socks.


Sunday we ventured out into the freezing cold and picked up a new truck. I can’t wait to get her running 100% She’ll be perfect for piling into the car to go on summer picnic adventures. *You can kind of see her in all of her Jeepy glory in the parking lot below. 

Image A rainy mess of a monday morning.. The snow is slowly melting and the roads are slush.  I Think we’ll stay inside.

Half hot cocoa, Half strong black coffee topped with sugar cookie marshmallows. Yes please.

And a few more pics from the weekend


what a happy girl.


So damn independant already.

Happy monday 🙂